Friday, February 11, 2011

Well that's a horse of a different color...

One of the first things I decided on when we got engaged was what colors I wanted throughout the wedding. I had yellow and navy blue gumdrops dancing through my head and one day when I was walking through Nordstrom's I stumbled across a pair of yellow and navy blue shoes and it sealed the deal. I mean come'on it was a sign from God himself saying what my wedding hues should be. Right?

And then my indecisiveness kicked in.

And kept thinking that maybe navy blue and yellow was a little too nautical for us. It's not like either of us are in the Navy or own a boat, or even live near the beach. So I thought perhaps pink and navy I thought. Jonathan nixed that fast. When it comes to the wedding Jonathan said that the big decisions were up to me, and he just wanted me to be happy (that's the sign of a good man!) but the two things he does want are red velvet cake, and not to wear pink of his wedding day. I can make that happen, I think.
So then I kept trying to come up with the perfect mixture. I wanted something fun, yet classy, perhaps a little preppy, and new. I find myself getting stuck on things and unable to move forward until I get over certain humps. When it comes to the wedding the colors were my Mt. Everest, and I shall overcome. My next choice was navy and lime green.

But I kept going back to my first choice of navy and yellow, plus I did have the perfect shoes all picked out. But something just wasn't right. Until I stumbled across this inspiration board:

And I knew this was the choice. It's perfect. Yellow and navy, but grey to break up the nautical-ness. I can picture the groomsmen decked out in grey suits, navy ties, and yellow boutonnieres. The bridesmaids in navy dresses (I feel like it is a flattering color on most people) and yellow bouquets, and perhaps grey heels? This weekend Jonathan and I are going to paper source to pick out the paper goods for our save the dates. Did it take you an obscene amount of time to pick out colors or a theme for you wedding?

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